Professional Power

SMP was built by market researchers for market research – so you can be confident that it will have all the features you need to conduct sophisticated surveys. more


SMP was born out of frustration at how expensive professional grade online survey tools are.  So we built our own – and now it can be yours too. more

Fast To Learn

SMP’s easy WYSIWYG  interface makes it easy to play with.  You can instantly see your changes.  This is the only way to learn. more 

Powerful Skip Logic

SMP is scripted in an hierarchical fashion with well known programing techniques such as “if..then” and “goto” statements.  You can do virtually anything with this power. more


SMP has a number of interactive question types that will allow you to create better surveys and impress your clients.  more

 Images and Multi Media

If you use a lot of images or need multi-media the image library makes it easy for you to store your images and integrate them into your survey from just about anywhere. more

Live Survey Control

Track your completes, drops and quota outs, alter your quota cells live – SMP makes it easy for you to make sure you get the representative samples you require. more

Theme Control

Your surveys are a reflection of you and your clients – they should look professional.  SMP allows you to use one of our many themes or create your own from scratch. more

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Feature Rich System


Build surveys of any level of  complexity – from the simple to the very complex.  See all our features here.

Survey Skip Logic

Build complex skip rules based on any question type with “if..then..goto..else” visual programer.  Programer controls come in three levels – Basic, Advanced and Pro.  See the Advanced level here.



Pipe selected answers from any question to another or any combination of questions.  Advanced piping is one feature we use a lot.  Read more here.



Fours types of randomization across questions and answers ensures you can control for order effects adequately.

Monitor Progress

Monitor your surveys as the responses come in to ensure you fill your quotas and samples.  Even modify your sample and quota structure live.  Read more here.



Send survey invitations and track their effectiveness with the panel management tool.  Read more here.



Download data at any point in your survey in csv, excel or SPSS formats including all your quota outs and screen out records.  Read more here.



Embed previous answers into future question texts or answer texts.  Even multi select answers can be embedded.  Read more here.


Loop and Group

Loop chosen or piped stimuli through groups of the same questions for efficient and randomized testing of concepts etc.  Read more here.

Quota Control

Set quotas based on any responses and sub-samples your project requires, and use as many quotas as you need in the one survey.  here.


Save and use images, build libraries of often used questions, upload panel members you wish to send invitations to, store large answer lists – all with SMP libraries.


Work Anywhere

Being a SaaS program means that you can work on your surveys anywhere you can obtain an internet connection.  Read more here.



Use the automated real-time testing routine to fully test your survey before you send it out so you are confident there are no logic errors corrupting your survey.


Cut and Paste

Cut and paste your pre-approved Word questionnaires into SMP for maximum efficiency that will save you time and dollars.  Read more here.



Compute new variables from your respondents answers for use elsewhere in the survey.  Even use then with the Quota question type to build n-dimensional complex quotas.



Track your data at any time during the survey field period with the topline feature which builds a frequency report of every question with charts and percentages.


Find Sample with Cint

SMP is integrated to CINT giving you instant access to over 7 million potential respondents worldwide.  Read more here.


Challenging Question Types

SMP Research is dedicated to taking online research to new levels.  The screen should not just be a translation of paper.  See some of our effective and advanced question types here.


Value for Money

We wrote SMP to use internally because believe that the current online survey software offerings are either overpriced or underpowered.  See what you get and what it costs here.


Themes - Look and Feel

Our earliest challenges were around survey screen design.  Se we designed a theme editor that allows you to build your own design as well default themes with just header and footer design control.  Read more here.